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Poster: Tokyo Yosh Date: Mar 6, 2016 7:33am
Forum: librivoxaudio Subject: Re: file format

Thanks so much for your speedy response.

If you compare Moby Dick and Pride and Prejudice, you will see that the latter does not have the 64 KBPS MP3ZIP download option, to give just one example.

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Poster: librivoxbooks Date: May 8, 2016 4:27am
Forum: librivoxaudio Subject: Re: file format

Internet Archive changed thier deriving (file processing software). In the previous version such as Moby Dick ( ) the zip file was listed separately in the Download Options and a zip file existed on the page.

Internet Archive pages that have been more recently derived or re-derived do not list the zip as a separate file link and the files are not stored; the zip files are created "on-demand" when needed. You can find the link by hovering your mouse over "64KBPS MP3" in the Download Options.
In Pride and Prejudice ( ) you should see this when hovering.


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Poster: Tokyo Yosh Date: May 17, 2016 8:16am
Forum: librivoxaudio Subject: Re: file format

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, David. I tried hovering over "64KBPS MP3" but no link appeared. Perhaps it's because I'm using a Mac???? But the two options to the right of Show All at the bottom of the download option list did work. I now have access to all the readings and am ecstatic.